We repair laptops, PCs and printers.


PC or laptop not booting up or giving errors? Then we can run tests and repair your system. You only pay for the parts.


If you have an old PC or laptop but don’t have the money to buy a new one, we can upgrade it to run faster or add more hard drive space.

Printer Repair

Printer not printing? Paper stuck in printer and you don’t know how to remove it.  We can help.


If your PC or laptop does not turn on, is making funny noises or just not working properly, we can troubleshoot your system and identify the solution. If you have an older laptop or PC and are looking for some upgrades, we can help with that, too. This service is only available within the Greater Toronto Area. Please email us first for this service.

Janurary PromotionFree Website

This month's promotion: Free 2 page Website.  Just pay for the hosting. Enter your Name and email Address and we will start working on your site. 

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